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Towing company owner Steve Francis has spent years customizing just about everything on his 1989 Isuzu LS SpaceCab truck and transforming it into near unrecognizable “Trucktopus”. Modifications include: lowering the body by 3.5-inches, adding six 20-inch wheels, swapping in a V8 engine, and even installing suicide doors. “When you get that feeling of winning a ‘best of show’, a ‘best overall’, that is such an incredible feeling and adrenaline rush. I always like to be different and I don’t like to leave anything stock. It’s taken me about 20 years to customise the truck to the state it’s in now, so the man-hours on this vehicle are totally epic,” he told BarCroft Cars. Read more for a selection of interesting images from around the web.

15. In the Right Place and Time

May the force be with you!

14. Winter is Coming

Somewhere in Norway

13. Extreme Danger

Truck that narrowly escaped the camp fire in Northern California

12. Juvenile Green Tree Python

One of the most beautiful snakes

11. Kelsey Impicciche

Wonder Woman cosplay.

10. It Worked

Fake head used in Alcatraz escaping made of hair, soap, toothpaste, sand and toilet paper.

9. Devastation

Paradise CA

8. The Rock and Kevin Hart as DBZ Characters

Once you've seen it you can't unsee it

7. Peaceful

Reykjavik, Iceland

6. Homes You Don’t See Everyday

Unusual homes.

5. Works of Art

Gates, yo!

4. A Look Back

Retrospired Concepts

3. How They’ve Evolved

Pop Culture Evolution (Jeff Victor)

2. In an Alternate Universe

Disney Warrior Princesses

1. Fascinating

A small 35+ year old wall bank safe opened.

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