Vaughn Gitten Jr. Cloverleaf Mustang RTR

If you happened to be driving in the North Texas area a few months ago and wondered why you had to take a detour when the interchange of West Loop 820 and Jacksboro Highway was closed overnight, just know that it wasn’t due to construction. Put simply, professional driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. attempted to drift the cloverleaf interchange in this 900-horsepower Ford Mustang RTR. “Entering a cloverleaf at maximum attack is something I’ve always wanted to do! There was nothing like the sound of the 5.0 revving out under the overpass portion as it echoed every which way,” said Gittin. Read more for more interesting images from around the web.

15. The Force

Rebel Bass

14. Size Comparison

Jupiter is pretty big.

13. Rings

If the earth had rings

12. Ultimate Troll

Richard Branson is crazy

11. These Exist

Presidents Park Williamsburg, Virginia. Home to 43 giant U.S Presidents heads left rotting because of a failed tourist attraction.

10. Simple, Yet Useful

I design and make fake products for fun. This is the Driver Snack Tax Chute™️ – On those road trips, transport your favorite snacks directly from the backseat into the drivers hands safely and easily.

9. Surprise

Damn!! That’s a lot of gold!!

8. It Always Finds a Way

Nature be like, 'meh' I can work around it

7. Perfectly Timed


6. Doubling

Behind the scenes doubles

5. Nature’s Masterpieces

Flower mantises (Memebers of tribe Hymenopodini)

4. Otherworldly

Scientists uncover bizarre ‘DEATH STAR' fish with 50 LIMBS in Antarctica

3. Things You Don’t See Everyday

Seriously HUGE Scientific Instruments

2. Glassy

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg CA

1. Relic of the Past

"La Divinia Comedia di Dante"


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