West Coast Racers
West Coast Racers is a dueling steel roller coaster that will soon be opening at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. It’s manufactured by Premier Rides and is a collaboration between automobile tuning shop West Coast Customs and Six Flags. The ride is touted as the world’s first launch version of a racing roller coaster. After multiple delays, access was given first to guests with select membership status, and yesterday (December 23, 2019), the ride opened to all season pass holders and to guests that have purchased either a West Coast Racers t-shirt or the park’s flash pass. Read more for the full video review and additional information.

West Coast Racers is slated to officially open to the general public on January 9, 2020. The attraction boasts a pair of two-car trains, each holding a total of 12 riders, which launch simultaneously from the station. They cross each other over thirty times throughout the course of the track, reaching a maximum speed of 55mph as they cross the finish line.

The ride doesn’t end there, as one train pulls back into the station, while the other pulls into a replica of the West Coast Customs shop to listen to a narration given by Ryan Friedlinghaus. Both cars launch again and repeat the course a second time for a ride duration of approximately three minutes.