Xbox One S Official

Microsoft’s Xbox One S is official and priced from just $299.99 (500GB) – $399.99 (2TB). New 4K support transforms your TV into the ultimate gaming and media center, all packed into a unit 40% smaller than its predecessor, complete with vertical stand support. You also get a USB port in front, and a new textured controller with Bluetooth connectivity. Pre-order one here now. Click here for a few bonus hands-on images of the Xbox One S. Continue reading for a hands-on look video and more information.

“One thing has been removed, however: the Xbox One S doesn’t include a dedicated Kinect sensor port. If you want to hook up a Kinect for voice controls you’ll need a separate USB adapter. (Microsoft says that there will be a program to offer the adapters for free to existing Xbox One owners who decide to upgrade.),” reports The Verge.

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