Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Liquid Lens
Xiaomi is bringing back their line of Mi MIX smartphones and at least one of them will have a new liquid lens camera system that mimics the human eye. How does it work? liquid lens technology passes light through a liquid in order to vary the focal length of the camera, thus the same principle that’s used in the optics of human eyes. This means that smartphone makers won’t have to put separate lenses for telephoto and macro cameras. Read more for a video and additional information.

When a current is applied to the liquid inside these lenses, its cell shape changes within milliseconds, which means shifts in focal lengths will be near instantaneous. This makes liquid lens technology useful for any use case where rapid imaging requirements are needed. Aside from using it for telephoto and macro shoots, this technology could also be integrated directly into drones.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Liquid Lens

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