YouTuber Mark Rober Squirrel Maze 3 Backyard Squirrelympics
YouTuber Mark Rober has built machines to defeat scammy arcade machines, and most recently, Squirrel Maze 3.0 for his backyard Squirrelympics event. This definitely made use of his skills acquired as a former NASA engineer, as it consists of seven different events, such as a spinning balance beam as well as the long jump.

There were a total of four competitors who participated in these games: Rick, Marty, Phat Gus and Augustine. All of these squirrels have their own backstories, but the one that stood out the most was Phat Gus who grew up in a rough neighborhood called Hubcap hills. We won’t spoil the results, although the final event does come down to Phat Gus and Marty. For those watching Mark Rober for the first time, he designed and delivered hardware on several JPL missions, including AMT, GRAIL, SMAP, and Mars Science Laboratory before his YouTube career really took off.

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