YouTuber Veritasium Derek Muller $10,000 Bet Physics Professor
Inventor Derek Muller, better known as Veritasium on YouTube, bet Alex Kusenko, a professor of physics from UCLA, $10,000 USD after successfully recreating a Blackbird-inspired land vehicle by Rick Cavallaro. This wind-powered vehicle claims to outrun the wind itself, so this was quite the task for Muller, but in the end, his vehicle was able to outrun the wind due to its propeller fan, driven by the moving wheels, was actually running in an opposite direction than the wind was pushing it. Read more for two videos and additional information.

This mean that the propeller fan on Muller’s vehicle could apply extra power, which it was drawing from the wheels, to the wind and in turn, produce extra thrust, thus leading to a speed higher than the wind while still being accelerated. Due to the fan’s location being so higher than the wheels, it manages to achieve enough extra power to spin the fan in the opposite direction than the wind forces, resulting in extra thrust.

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