2 Jet Z Hot Wheels Car
Photo credit: Al Norris | SuperStreet
Inspired by fighter planes, the 2 Jet Z by Luis Rodriguez is a real Toyota Supra-sourced 3.0-liter 2JZ inline-6 powered Hot Wheels car that you can actually drive. Weighing just a mere 1,650-pounds, the big-turbo setup on 2JZ pumps out an eye-watering 627 horsepower, making it feel like you’re driving an actual low-flying jet. For daily driving, there’s a more tame driving mode that pushes 525 horsepower.Read more to see Jay Leno go for a drive in this unique beast.

The 2 Jet Z actually won the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, a 15-stop tour that searched the nation for a custom car worthy of being made into a 1:64 die-cast toy. However, the coolest feature isn’t the engine, but rather its exhaust, which has been equipped with a stainless-steel vegetable steamer to mimic a jet turbine exhaust from an actual fighter jet. Since it’s linked to the gas pedal, it opens and closes with throttle inputs.

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