2,000HP Honda Civic
Built by Washington-based SpeedFactory Racing, this highly tuned Honda Civic boasts a 2.0-L inline 4-cylinder fitted with an enormous 86mm Precision Turbo turbocharger, a custom body kit, gutted interior with a roll cage, big drag radials up front, and of course a parachute just in case things get a bit too crazy. This 2,000 hp racing Civic managed to complete the quarter-mile in 7.47 seconds at 215.48 mph, which is currently the world’s fastest for a front-wheel drive car. Read more for the video and additional information.

In addition to the massive turbocharger, it was also fitted with numerous reinforced engine components to ensure that nothing blows up at the track. Unlike other big horsepower Civics that have gone rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the builders decided to keep all the power going through the front, while retaining the H-pattern manual transmission.

“You see, this Civic doesn’t get along with the road until it hits thrid gear. However, once that happens, the phenomenal power-to-weight ratio of the machine allows it to go past its competitors as if pulled by magnets. In fact, if you head over to the 2:06 point of the clip below, you’ll be able to notice the Civic destroying a 7s Ford Mustang,” reports Auto Evolution.


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