2000HP Supra Manual Transmission Quarter Mile Record
Photo credit: Grannas Racing
Grannas Racing has just set a new world record with their 2,000 hp Toyota Supra MK4 drag car after completing the quarter-mile in a mere 6.9-seconds. To be more specific, this is currently the fastest quarter-mile completed by an H-Pattern manual transmission vehicle, previously held by 1997 Camaro, which completed it in 7.546 seconds. Read more for the record-setting run and additional information.

As you can see in the video above, the Grannas Racing “Orange Man Bad” Toyota Supra rocketed to a 6.90 second pass @ 194 mph in the quarter mile on a h-pattern faceplated T56 “GR1000F” transmission kit. It has seen 208mph in the quarter, but when watching the video, you will see the car glitches and shuts off electrically at about 1000-1100 feet into the run hence the lower MPH (194).

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