All-Electric DeLorean DMC-12
Photo credit: Got Graham
Auto enthusiasts Jim Belosic and Jacob Graham purchased an old DeLorean DMC-12 with the sole goal of restoring it, but after a few months of work, the two realized it was too far gone to easily get back into showroom shape. So, it sat in Jim’s garage, that is until…Jacob got his hands on a Nissan Leaf motor as well as an inverter, and thus the electric conversion began. We all know that Nissan Leaf isn’t the most powerful EV out there, but Jacob still managed to squeeze 200-horsepower out of the powertrain. Read more for a video and additional information.

Despite the new electric powerplant, capable of 90-miles on a full charge, this DeLorean still weighs less than the original. Other upgrades include an Android-based infotainment system of sorts that shows all the vehicle’s vitals, powered by Arduino. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be seeing any power upgrades, as there’s not much more you can do with a Nissan Leaf.

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We had this disgusting DeLorean with the worn-out Grand National motor. I put the leaf motor up in position and it looked like it would work, but everything else would need to be made from scratch,” said Jacob.