Porsche Taycan Crash
The driver of this silver Porsche Taycan appeared to make it all the way home and up a steep driveway, but halfway up the incline, it appears as if the person was distracted. What happens next? Nobody on the internet really knows, but are speculating that the driver could have mistaken the accelerator for the brake pedal, since they are fairly close to each other. Since the Taycan is all-electric and has all of that instant torque, a simple mistake like this could end up being disastrous. Read more to see the aftermath.

Porsche’s Taycan utilizes a new battery-electric all-wheel-drive drivetrain with a permanent-magnet synchronous motor on each axle. Up front, power is sent to the wheels through a single-speed gearbox (8.05:1 gear ratio); and at the rear, through a two-speed transmission and a limited slip differential. Power comes from a 93 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that doubles as a structural chassis component to keep the center of gravity low, and the 723-volt pack has 33 modules with 12 LG Chem pouch cells each, for a total of 396 cells.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter with External Battery, Lightweight and Foldable, Upgraded Motor Power, Dark Grey (2019 Version)
  • Dual Batteries: With an extra Lithium Ion battery and upgraded motor, ES4 boasts up to 800W of power, with a top-speed of 19 mph, travel up to 28 miles and accommodate a max load of 220 lbs. The ES4 can take you just about anywhere you want to go.
  • Portable Folding Design: Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway ES4 is sleek, lightweight and features a one-step folding system. Now our riders can carry the ES4 scooter on public transportation, store it in your car and take it to any destination you desire.
  • Safe & Comfortable Riding: Front and rear wheel shock absorbers equipped with the large solid tires provide maximum rider comfort even when traveling at high speeds. The mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system ensure braking safety.
  • Technology Superior: With a LED display, bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, customizable ambient light colors, and mobile app connectivity for additional security and firmware updates, Segway ES4 electric scooter combines performance with luxury.
  • Quality Assurance: The ES4 is designed to bridge the gaps along your journey, whether it’s the store two blocks away or the bus stop down the street. Please refer to warranty information in product details below.