AT&T Samsung Galaxy Fold
Set for launch on April 26 in the US, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold features two displays as you may already know; its front cover has a small, 4.6-inch display in the center designed for one-handed use, and when folded open, a 7.3-inch display is revealed. Samsung rated the fold mechanism as supporting up to 200,000 uses. The tablet display sports a large notch in the top-right corner, and is coated with a custom multi-layer laminate instead of glass. A new video has leaked from a manufacturing hub in Vietnam showing the handset running on the AT&T network a full month before its official release.Read more to see the visible seam and additional information.

“The video is a much clearer hands-on than anything we saw that the Galaxy Fold’s unveiling event (it stayed in glass cases and in the hands of demonstrators), but what jumps out the most is a visible crease on the unfolded screen. On the plus side, the AT&T-branded SM-F900U appears to lock solidly open on its hinge and the UI operates smoothly on either screen,” reports Engadget.