Black Hole Hologram Holographic Principle
Photo credit: TU Wien
Scientists from SISSA, ICTP and INFN claim that black holes are similar to holograms, or in other words, all the data required to produce a three-dimensional image is encoded in a two-dimensional surface. Einstein’s theory of relativity describes black holes as three-dimensional, spherical and smooth. The team applied a 30-year-old idea called the holographic principle to come to this conclusion.

According to the holographic principle, which was inspired by black hole thermodynamics, the information of all the objects that have fallen into the black hole might be entirely contained in surface fluctuations of the event horizon.

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This revolutionary and somewhat counterintuitive principle proposes that the behavior of gravity in a given region of space can alternatively be described in terms of a different system, which lives only along the edge of that region and therefore in a one less dimension. And, more importantly, in this alternative description (called holographic) gravity does not appear explicitly. In other words, the holographic principle allows us to describe gravity using a language that does not contain gravity, thus avoiding friction with quantum mechanics,” said two authors of the research, Francesco Benini (SISSA Professor, ICTP scientific consultant and INFN researcher) and Paolo Milan (SISSA and INFN researcher).

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