Bugatti Veyron Tesla Cybertruck
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Tesla’s Cybertruck boasts a unibody construction similar to passenger cars, rather than the body-on-frame construction normally used on trucks, mainly due to a standard vehicle conflicting with its under-floor battery pack. Its thick 3mm 30x-series cold-rolled stainless steel body panels cannot be stamped like conventional automobile parts, only be bent along straight lines, thus resulting in a very wedge-shaped design. Read more to see how some of today’s most popular vehicles would look with this design philosophy.

Volkswagen Beetle

Tesla Cybertruck Makeover
This cold-rolled stainless steel material is what SpaceX uses on their Starship, because it distributes stress more evenly and allows for more interior volume. Earlier Cybertruck design concepts using titanium for the outer panels, but this was later switched to stainless steel for extra strength.

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Range Rover Evoque

Tesla Cybertruck Makeover

Jaguar F-Type

Tesla Cybertruck Makeover

MINI Cooper

Tesla Cybertruck Makeover

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