Sold Kidney iPad iPhone
Xiao Wang, a then 17-year-old teen from China, wanted to obtain a brand new iPad 2 and iPhone 4 back in 2011 at any cost. So, he agreed to sell one of his kidneys on the black market. Unfortunately, the underground hospital where the operation took place wasn’t quite up to par to say the least. He received $3,200 for the kidney, which was more than enough for both devices, but it came at a hefty price. “Unfortunately, the operating environment wasn’t sanitized properly, which led to an infection on his wound. Worse still, his parents were kept in the dark about this major operation and only found out when the teen became terribly sick from the infection,” said the report. Read more for a video news report and additional information.

The pain became unbearable, so Xiao sought proper treatment at a reputable hospital, but the function of his functioning kidney had deteriorated so much that he’s had to spend the past seven years in bed, thus causing his family to spiral into a financial crisis due to the cost of his dialysis treatments.

“And still, nothing will ever change young Xiao’s health for the better as dialysis is, unfortunately, a life-long and ultimately fatal ordeal for most of its victims. Both the arbitrator and the illegal hospital who performed his procedure were brought to justice, and the Wang family received “sufficient” monetary compensation,” reports iDropNews.