Chinnor Quarry Water Lagoon
Photo credit: Facebook
In England, the government is now allowing groups of up to 6 people meet outside in parks or private gardens as long as you follow the guidance and remain 6-feet apart. Most are following the guidelines, but at least one group decided to descend upon the old Chinnor quarry in Oxfordshire, which is also known as the “Blue Lagoon”, but not for the reasons you may think. Many were photographed jumping off the cliff edges into the water and going for a leisurely swim. Read more for a drone video and additional information.

At first glance, this may appear to be a tropical paradise, especially during the summer, but the quarry’s deep turquoise water is misleading. It contains highly alkaline substances, and can cause serious health issues for some. To top it off, these groups of people had absolutely no concern for social distancing.

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Do not enter water due to high pH levels. This can cause skin and eye irritations, stomach problems, fungal infections such as thrush, other infections such as rashes. Think! Would you swim in ammonia (pH 11.5) or bleach pH (12.6)? Well these are similar to the Blue Lagoon – pH 11.3)!,” reads the warning sign.

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