Monte Neme Spain
Photo credit: nelife_13
Now that you’ve seen the Siberian Maldives, it’s time to check out Monte Neme in the A Coruña province of Galicia, Spain. This may looks like an idyllic tropical lagoon, but during WWI and WWII, this area was a tungsten mine that supplied the material necessary for making light bulbs and hardening steel. Doctors strongly warn that bathing in the waters of Monte Neme could be hazardous since the surrounding mounds are large masses of heavy metals that leak directly into the water. Read more for two videos and additional information.

One Spanish newspaper recently ran a story on a local Instagrammer who decided bathe in the water because “it was very pretty” and she didn’t see any warning signs. Unfortunately, she started vomiting shortly after the dip and ended up with a skin rash, which persisted for about two weeks even after seeing a doctor. This beautiful, yet hazardous place, has been given the nickname of “Galician Chernobyl” by the locals.


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