Chris Brown Color-Changing Lamborghini Huracan

Entertainer Chris Brown has been known for his flashy jewelry, clothing as well as supercars, and his latest addition is definitely no slouch. Tuning shop RDBLA transformed his Lamborghini Huracan into a glowing, color-changing street beast with a symmetrical chrome wrap that changes from blue to yellow, purple, orange, and pink depending on the viewing angle. They also added purple headlights for that added pop when it roams the streets at night. Read more for this week’s selection of interesting images from around the web.

15. Food for Thought

Einstein quote

14. Spacey

UK from space

13. Masterful Engineering

Hisashimichi Interchange in Tokyo,Japan.

12. These Are Not Stones

Lithops are succulent plants that look like stones. Also seen here are a few pleiospilos, dinteranthus, and a lapidaria.

11. Efficient Bunk

Cool bunk bed from reddit

10. Slightly Useless, But Cool

For fun I design fake products, behold The Infinity Saucelet, wield all of your favorite fast food sauces at once. Cover everything in sauce…whatever it takes.

9. Bricktastic

Phone holder made with lego

8. Concorde

A rare view of a rare bird

7. Photoshop Magic


6. Selenite

This is not ice

5. Fiery

Sunset from above the clouds

4. Make this Happen Hollywood

Mortal Kombat: Hollywood edition

3. Cosplay Perfection

My photography of ArmoredHeartCosplay

2. Historical

America in the 1950s

1. Pixel Controllers

I've been doodling some pixel controllers for practice this week

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