Cyborg Cockroaches Solar Backpacks
Scientists at Japan’s RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research (CPR) have created giant cyborg cockroaches equipped with solar-powered backpacks. The team used Madagascar cockroaches with a special backpack attached that was modeled specially to fit perfectly and allow complete freedom of movement. This backpack consists of a lithium polymer battery and the wireless control module.

Cyborg Cockroaches Solar Backpacks
Using the wireless control module, the researchers are able to remotely control the insect’s movements by applying electrical stimulation to a part of the abdomen, which controls locomotion and enables it to turn. They discovered that the cockroach’s abdomen changes shape as it moves, while portions of its exoskeleton overlap. Then there’s these real-life inventions that can turn you into a cyborg.

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Cyborg Cockroaches Solar Backpacks

The body-mounted ultra-thin organic solar cell module achieves a power output of 17.2 mW, which is more than 50 times larger than the power output of current state-of-the-art energy harvesting devices on living insects,” said Kenjiro Fukuda, leader of the project and senior research scientist at RIKEN CPR.

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