Ford F-150 Raptor Tesla Cybertruck
An auto enthusiast from Bosnia is a fan of both Ford trucks and Tesla vehicles, but wanted the long awaited Cybertruck now instead of late 2021. So, he built his own, and it will definitely fool most people into thinking its an early prototype. Engineers at Igor Krezic’s Stark Solutions spent 8-months taking apart a Ford Raptor F-150 before transforming it into a petrol-powered Cybertruck, inside and out. Yes, the team even installed a touchscreen in the cabin. Read more for a video and additional information.

Despite how it looks at first glance, there’s quite a noticeable size difference, and another issue is actually registering the vehicle for road use in Bosnia. The main problem is that sharp vehicle edges, like the ones on this Cybertruck replica, are banned in the country, but there may be a workaround in the near future.

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Everybody was watching and half of them thought we made a tank, because people don’t know what the Cybertruck is. One girl even stopped and asked if this is the place where they are producing Tesla Cybertruck. The owner wanted us to combine two opposite sides — Ford and Cyber — because he is a fan of both Tesla and Ford, so we merged two souls into one. This one uses gasoline and Tesla uses electricity. We tried to copy as much as possible but our car is not the same size as the Cybertruck,” said company manager Mario Coric to Reuters.

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