Halo Infinite Multiplayer Mode Xbox E3 2021
Direct from the Xbox E3 2021 showcase comes this new Halo Infinite multiplayer reveal trailer, which honors classic Halo combat while also offering new players the support needed to jump in and have an enjoyable time. It introduces Spartan Academy and Spartan Commander Laurette who will help players familiarize themselves with maps, weapons, as well as equipment. There are now bot matches so players of all levels can warm up before they hit the battlefield. Read more for the video and additional information.

Halo Infinite will be a game that grows over time with the community, as the team aims to improve it over time, trying new things and taking more risks. Plus, the multiplayer mode is free to play, giving the team the best opportunity to build the biggest Halo community ever. Thanks to cross play and cross-platform progression, there are nearly zero barriers to enjoying the game with friends, regardless of where they play.

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Lastly, while today is largely a celebration of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer experience, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also speak to those tantalizing bits of the campaign we shared during the showcase. We are continuing the story of the Master Chief and Cortana from Halo 5, but also telling a story that’s welcoming for new players. Cortana’s fate is one of the Infinite campaign’s big mysteries, and early in the story, you will meet a new UNSC AI, ‘the Weapon’, that was created to help stop Cortana,” said Joseph Staten, Head of Creative for Halo Infinite.

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