Honeybee Defense Wave
A new video, captured in Vietnam, has surfaced that shows honeybees performing an audio-like defense wave to ward off wasps. This technique, officially known as ‘shimmering’, where the hive is made to look as though it is performing a Mexican wave, involves the bees pushing their abdomens up into the air. To be more specific, each honeybee surrounding outer layer of the hive lifts their abdomen to create a ripple effect from one end of to the other for a shimmer-like effect. Read more for the video and additional information.

“As the wave ripples through the hive for nearly three minutes, other bees can be seen stroking their wings. The ‘shimmering’ behaviour is a collective defence technique used by the Apis Dorsata, a honey bee prevalent in South and Southeast Asia, to repel wasps, hornets and other predators. The technique helps prevent a wasp from fixating on one bee or in trying to acquire honey from the hive of the colony,” reports The Daily Mail.

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