Hot Wheels Mega Booster Track Backyard
Matte first debuted Hot Wheels, a famous brand of die-cast toy cars, back in 1968, and since then, the tracks have gotten a bit crazy to say the least. “Backyard Racing” specializes in creating these crazy Hot Wheels track, with the latest being one that takes up an entire yard. It took over 4-months to complete since more than just flat track was used, and with some sections even going underwater. Read more to see the course in all its glory.

Not everything you see is part of a HotWheels track or set, as Backyard Racing also used several ladders, plastic containers, cardboard boxes, lots of PVC tubing, and even pool noodles for the stunts. What was the result of over 4-months of work? A very satisfying 4-minute run that managed to be pulled off without any hitches, or at least for the recorded portion.

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track with Motorized Boosters [Amazon Exclusive]
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Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track with Motorized Boosters [Amazon Exclusive]
  • Enormous corkscrew track with 3 loops, 3 crash zones and 3 high-speed boosters
  • Challenging, exciting, skill-based action with problem solving component.
  • High-speed boosters power cars through the loops at top speeds.

A lot of troubleshooting took place as the body of the car we were using didn’t initially fit through a booster. 3 months of modifications/troubleshooting and 1 month of construction later and here we are! Over 30 boosters launch the car down 2,000ft of track across land, sky, and underwater making this one of the largest Hot Wheels tracks ever built!,” said its creator.

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