Pringles Self-Sustaining Gamer Prototype
Photo credit: Engadget
Many gamers would prefer to stay close to their displays in marathon Fortnite or Call of Day gaming sessions, but sometimes, hunger calls. Kellogg’s-owned Pringles just might have a solution, and it’s called the “Hunger Hammer”. Simply put, it’s a gaming headset that doubles as an automatic chip dispenser that feeds you hands-free. Read more for a video and additional information.

The Hunger Hammer is just a prototype for now, since the company is using it to promote its partnership with the new “Gears 5” first-person shooter game as well as letting famous gamers on Twitch, like Criken, DexBonus and Strippin, show their followers.

Welcome to the future of gaming, of food, of snacking. Today we unveil one of the single craziest brand promotions I’ve ever been part of. They sent me 90,000 Pringles cans. I’m floating in them,” said Twitch influencer Criken.