Ice Core Massive Hole
If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you drop a 9-inch ice core into a massive 450-foot hole, this video should answer that question. Scientist Austin Carter, who was part of a research team on site in Allan Hills, Antarctica, filmed this clip as his colleague Jenna Epifanio dropped the chunk of ice which made strange noises straight from a science fiction movie when it reached the bottom of the hole. Read more to watch.

Carter was actually in that area to collect large quantities of over 2 million-year-old ice as part of a research expedition. John Higgins, the principal investigator of the project, posted this video to several social media outlets, where it quickly went viral. Higgins said the expedition was a success on January 28 with 3 new boreholes, 16,000 lbs of ice, and everyone returning with all limbs intact.

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