iPhone 6S Drop Plane
Despite dropping his iPhone 6S from a plane flying 2,000-feet in the air, Brazilian documentary filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto managed to recover the device and its entire fall. Galiotto recently uploaded a video where he could be seen flying over a beach in Brazil in the passenger seat of a small plane. He captured photos using his larger DSLR camera for a while, before switching to his iPhone. Unfortunately, sticking the device out the window with just one hand wasn’t the best idea. Read more to see what happened.

Galiotto has initially assumed that the smartphone had been lost for good after its 2,000-foot descent, with it eventually landing on a beach. However, the filmmaker managed to recover the iPhone, which came away from the drop with only a few minor scratches, thanks in part to a screen protector, silicone case, and the Find My iPhone app.

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I had faith that I was going to recover. I thought: ‘If he didn’t fall into the water, we will find it,’” said Galiotto, adding that the iPhone’s fall could have been potentially fatal if it had hit people on the beach below.