Konami Castlevania SEGA Dreamcast Game
Remember someone showing a working prototype of Konami’s unreleased Castlevania Resurrection game for the SEGA Dreamcast earlier this month? If so, you’ll be glad to know that it can now be downloaded for your own person enjoyment. This game is set in 1666 directly before Simon Belmont’s adventure in the original Castlevania and focuses on Sonia Belmont, along with a new character, Victor Belmont, an 1800s vampire hunter who had abandoned his lineage.

Like all unfinished games, this one may have many missing elements, as it was a pre E3 demo still in an early beta build. The game disc is dated November 5, 1999, under the company KCEA (Konami Computer Entertainment America), and features five fully playable stages, complete with enemies and obstacles. More information (downloads included) here.

Hyperkin Megaretron HD Gaming Console for Genesis/Mega Drive - Sega Genesis
  • Compatible with NTSC and PAL Genesis/Mega drive cartridges (via bottom case Switch), as well as original controllers

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