Retro-Bit SEGA Dreamcast Controller
Retro-Bit is a company that specializes in releasing modern versions of classic game controllers, and their latest project is one based on the SEGA Dreamcast. Set for launch late this year, it will be offered in both wired and wireless models. The layout is similar to the original, but boasts an improved analog stick, a new D-pad, a six-button layout for fighting games, and re-positioned triggers. Read more for additional information.

Retro-Bit’s also comes with a plug compatible with the original Dreamcast console as well as a USB converter for use on a PC or Mac. The original Dreamcast controller included both an analog stick and digital pad, four action buttons, and two analog triggers. The console itself has four ports for controller inputs, although it was bundled with only one controller

Sega Genesis Mini - Genesis
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Sega Genesis Mini - Genesis
  • The iconic SEGA Genesis console that defined a generation of gaming returns in a slick, miniaturized unit.
  • The SEGA Genesis Mini console is loaded with 42 legendary games and is plug and play ready right out of the box!
  • Box contents: Sega Genesis Mini console and 2 wired controllers, 40 games + 2 bonus games, power cable and USB adapter, and HDMI cable.

The Dreamcast uses a 128 kbyte memory card called the VMU (Visual Memory Unit) for data storage. It features a small LCD screen, audio output from a one-channel PWM sound source, non-volatile memory, a directional pad, and four buttons.