Mazda 1mm Dice Worlds Smallest
A team of welders from Mazda Motor Corporation managed to create a 1mm square dice, and it looks like a speck of dust to the untrained eye. This project was purely for to see how far they could take precision sheet welding and required stainless steel foil plates with a thickness of just 0.05mm that were masterfully joined together. More specifically, they had make all the faces in a T-shape, eventually bending them into place using a pair of fine tweezers. Read more for an up-close image.

Mazda 1mm Dice Worlds Smallest
The team of welders trained themselves for this 1mm square dice by crafting larger ones, like the 100mm die that made headlines years ago. Unfortunately, there is no video showing exactly how they used the tweezers to bend the stainless steel foil plates into place, but that may change if Guinness World Records comes knocking and wants to witness the process in person. With that said, this 1mm square dice still isn’t as strange as the Mazda Autozam AZ-1.

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[Similar to] surgery, we are welding by holding the die with tweezers while looking at a screen. Breathing causes the hand to move, so it is a work best down while holding your breath,” said the team of welders.

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