Blip Mechanical Pong Game
Just about any gamer has played some form of Pong, but did you know that back in 1977 there was a tabletop version called Blip? This electro-mechanical version of the game was marketed by Tomy and can only play two-player matches similar to Atari’s video game. The timer provided the game’s motor function and when it was turned, a spring is wound via several gears, which then drove the arm upon which the LED light was mounted.

When a two-player game is started, the selector switch is set to position 2 (for two players). It was then turned on before the red LED ball would light up. Players must then push the corresponding button before the ball “lands” on the space. If the player was successful and pushed the button in time, the ball would then return to the opposing player. The game would continue until either the timer stopped or 10 points was earned by one of the players.

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