Meta 3D Codec Avatar Smartphone Scan
Meta’s 3D Codec Avatars is a project consisting of deep generative model of 3D human faces that achieves state of the art reconstruction performance while being computationally efficient and adaptive to the rendering conditions during execution. This typically requires a hardware intensive setup, like MUGSY (171 cameras), but soon, a simple smartphone scan could be all it takes.

All you would need is a smartphone boasting a front-facing depth sensor, like the iPhone’s FaceID. Just pan the phone around your face, and then once more while copying 65 facial expressions. The entire process reportedly takes only 3.5-minutes to complete, but processing it will require hours using a PC with four high end GPUs over the cloud. This is somewhat similar to Epic Games’ RealityScan app.

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Telecommunication with photorealistic avatars in virtual or augmented reality is a promising path for achieving authentic face-to-face communication in 3D over remote physical distances,” said Meta.

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