Meta NLLB-200 AI Translation Real Time
Meta’s latest AI model, NLLB-200, is capable of translating 200 different languages in real-time, while also improving the quality of their translations across their ecosystem by an average of 44%. This AI model makes current technologies accessible in a wider range of languages, and in the near future, could also make virtual experiences more accessible.

No Language Left Behind (NLLB) was developed by Meta’s AI researchers in an effort to develop high-quality machine translation capabilities for most of the world’s languages. Currently, a handful of languages, such as English, Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic, dominate the internet. NLLB aims to help more people read things in their preferred language, rather than always requiring an intermediary language that often gets the sentiment, grammar or content wrong. Then you have the C-Face Smart Mask that can translate languages in real-time.

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Meta NLLB-200 AI Translation Real Time

This work can also help advance other technologies, like building assistants that work well in languages such as Javanese and Uzbek, or creating systems to take Bollywood movies and add accurate subtitles in Swahili or Oromo,” said Meta.

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