NASA Meteoroid South Australia

A NASA research center confirmed that a large, car-sized meteoroid landed on Tuesday in the Great Australian Bight just off the coast of South Australia. The Center for Near-Earth Object Studies at the California Institute of Technology analyzes the impact time, location, and amount of energy generated by meteors and asteroids that approach earth using high-precision orbit solutions of the space objects to predict the risk of impact and supports NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office. Read more for another video from another angle and additional information.

“People in parts of Victoria and South Australia reported seeing large flashes of bright white light at around 10:30 pm local time on Tuesday. The center confirmed that the bright light was actually an impressive fireball with a calculated impact energy of 1.6 kilotons of explosive power. It traveled at a velocity of 11.5 kilometers per second (7 miles per second) and ultimately landed in the Great Australian Bight just off South Australia’s coast,” reports Business Insider.