NASA Mission Control Center Apollo Program
NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston is celebrating the reopening of Mission Control, the command post that helped astronaut Neil Armstrong become the first human to set foot on the moon, after a three-year, multimillion-dollar renovation. During the Apollo era, Mission Control was one of the most famous and important rooms on Earth, but sadly, it fell into disrepair. “This is a place where we battled to achieve the high ground of space. Carpeting was held together with yellow duct tape. I’d walk into the consoles, pieces were missing,” said legendary flight director Gene Kranz. Read more to see the completed renovation.

“The project was part restoration, part scavenger hunt. Workers custom-made new carpeting and paint to match the period and scoured for artifacts that matched historical photographs. When workers found cigarettes in the consoles, they saved them and put them in ashtrays,” reports CBS News.