Nest Doorbell Camera Fireball Texas Sky
Several doorbell cameras captured a large fireball streaking across the Texas sky, and it appeared larger as well as brighter than a typical meteor. It crossed through Central Texas airspace shortly before 11 p.m., resulting in over 200 reported sightings with dozens coming from the Austin metro, and as far as Dallas.

Researchers were not able to provide information on the potential size of the fireball, its origin, and path. However, NASA does have the Planetary Defense Coordination Office and a network of telescopes that track larger space objects. In other news, grapes turn into fireballs in the microwave, resulting in the creation of plasma.

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I think it’s one of those things that meteors are portrayed in movies as like, the Earth is going to end. And so to see one just make a bright flash and then just kind of disintegrate, it’s an incredible experience. Neat feeling, glad to be alive and glad it didn’t, you know, change Earth’s trajectory,” said Jenny Hansen, a resident of Austin, Texas.


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