Tesla Cybertruck Aerodynamics
Despite its faceted, origami-inspired design, a recent simulation shows that the Tesla Cybertruck is more aerodynamic than once thought. Computer fluid dynamics engineer Aleix Lázaro Prat for Numeric System created a digital model of the Cybertruck to test its wind resistance and discovered that the sharp edge of the roof does not produce a big detachment.

Air appears to follow the roof’s downward slope quite seamlessly, giving it a big aerodynamic advantage compared to other pick-up trucks. For comparison purposes, the Cybertruck has a drag coefficient of approximately 0.39, which is very efficient considering that traditional pickup trucks fall between 0.55 and 0.65. If we do get our hands on a Tesla Cybertruck, LOKI’s Basecamp Falcon Camper would be the first accessory installed on it.

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By adjusting couple surface features, in particular the surrounding edgy geometry of the wheel arches, the drag could be lowered even further,” said Aleix Lázaro Prat in a LinkedIn post.