Nintendo Power Glove Xbox Series S Mod
The Nintendo Power Glove was designed to work exclusively on the NES, but that didn’t stop one gamer from connecting it to an Xbox Series S console. Similar to the Nintendo Switch Power Glove mod by Niles Mitchell, this one also uses the Titan adapter, which boasts onboard memory that enables you to remap the motion controls to the thumbstick as well as write a script to keep the A button constantly pressed.

What games did Niles try? First, he started with Halo Infinite, but the Power Glove only has one multi-directional input, but to play properly, you need two sticks. This meant he could only face a single direction, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Next, he tried snowboarding game Shredders that only required left or right inputs.

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On my YouTube channel, I connect odd things together to see if they will work, and the Power Glove seemed like the perfect fit. I tried to get this adapted to new platforms a couple years ago, but failed and gave up on the project. But the glove kept coming back in my mind,” said Niles to The Gamer.

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