Nintendo Super Mario 64 PC Port
Like many Nintendo fan projects, this one has been shut down by the company, mainly due to the fact that this isn’t an emulator running Super Mario 64, but an actual PC port of the game. Featuring DirectX 12 support, 4K resolutions running on ultra-widescreen monitors and modern game controller support, compatible with Windows 10 PCs. If you didn’t get a chance to play this version, this full playthrough should whet your appetite. Read more for the video.

Nintendo contacted law firm Wildwood Law Group, which the company has used before in the US, to shut down modding tools, fan games, and ROM hacks for their own first party titles. For now, sites that host links to download pages are still up, but for places actually letting users grab compiled version of the Super Mario 64 port’s executable, they’re being taken down as fast as they go up.

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