nOS New Operating System Nintendo Switch OS
While the PlayStation 5 Portable won’t be launching anytime soon, nOS (New Operating System) for the Nintendo Switch may not be so farfetched. This concept by Red Deer Games shows what the Nintendo Switch operating system could look like and when combined with its touchscreen, opens many more doors for third party applications.

What kind of functions does nOS add? Well, you get a calculator, gallery, notebook, to-do list, a paint application, and puzzle. Should Nintendo make this an official operating system in the future, you’ll most certainly see third party applications that would be very similar to what you find in Raspberry Pi OS, including MPlayer, Cairo Dock (recreates OS X look), MyPaint, QMNP (music player), OpenVPN, Chromium (web browser), etc. Unfortunately, video conferencing would still require an external camera for both the standard Switch and Lite versions.

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