Old Fridge Tiny Dwarf Cars
Auto enthusiast and mechanic Ernie Adams specializes in transforming old fridges into tiny dwarf cars for his museum in Maricopa, Arizona. Each one of these vehicles is hand built and takes up to 4,000-hours to finish. To date, he’s completed hundreds of these tiny vehicles, including several race cars to miniature replicas of classics such as a 1939 Chevy, all of which are street legal.

How do they ride? Well, on standard road they feel real smooth, but on bumpier ones they can get a little choppy, although they’re all capable of traveling at highway speeds. He’s been offered various sums of money for these custom vehicles starting at $50,000 right on up to $250,000 and $450,000, but despite those offers, they’re not for sale.

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When I was about 13 years old I saw an old refrigerator laying in the weeds outside our kitchen window and it had an old tire-swing laying up by it and it looked just like a black fender on a white touring-car body. I always thought that’d be a neat small car to make. So I got married in 62 and in 1965 I went ahead and built the car that I had in mind out of nine old refrigerators,” said Ernie Williams.

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