Ferrari Toyota Supra
Photo credit: Budget Direct
Most already know that the 2020 GR Supra is a collaboration between Toyota and BMW and based on the latter’s Z4 model, but what if other car manufacturers teamed up to create their own versions? Budget Direct wanted to find out, so they created these whimsical mashup concepts, starting with the Ferrari GR Supra pictured above, which is inspired by the 812 Superfast, and its full-length side intakes. Read more for additional pictures.

7. Aston Martin x Toyota Supra

Aston Martin Toyota Supra

6. Mercedes x Toyota Supra

Mercedes Toyota Supra

5. Peugeot x Toyota Supra

Peugeot x Toyota Supra

4. Nissan x Toyota Supra

Nissan x Toyota Supra

3. Chevrolet x Toyota Supra

Chevrolet x Toyota Supra

2. Tesla x Toyota Supra

Tesla x Toyota Supra

1. Volvo x Toyota Supra

Volvo x Toyota Supra


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