Pokémon GO Ninantic Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Photo credit: Reddit
Pokémon GO maker Niantic, a startup specializing in mobile augmented reality (AR) games, has managed to secure $190-million in a new Series C funding round, as revealed in SEC documents, ahead of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launch. In the latest funding round, a total of 26 investors participated, with the names of the investors currently unknown, but the company had previously raised $200 million in November 2017, led by Spark Capital. With the latest round, the company has raised over $415 million till date from investors. Wizards Unite gameplay has been described as similar to that of its predecessor, with players able to view the gameplay world through a smartphone and enable them to fight against mythical beasts from both the Harry Potter universe. Read more for a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite trailer breakdown and additional information.

The AR-based ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ is based on the company’s Real World Platform, which offers a set of tools created for third-party developers that combines machine learning and computer vision. Utilizing this technology, developers will be able to create their own useful and realistic AR experiences on mobile devices.

“Pokemon Go was released in July 2016, and it shortly becomes very popular – it’s the most famous game out there at the moment. You’re supposed to walk around and catch pokemon from the video game series with the same name. A report has shown that the game raked in nearly $800 million in revenue last year, and that’s a 35% increase from what we had in 2018. We’ve heard that players had spent about $2.2 billion on Pokemon Go since day one,” reports Digital Overload.