Remote-Controlled F1 Car Drive Upside Down
H/T: Motor 1
Can a real F1 car generate enough downforce to drive upside down? Engineering After Hours set out to discover if it’s a possibility with his latest project. So, he started with one of his existing remote-controlled cars and then 3D-printed a few parts to generate downforce equal to three times the weight of the vehicle. Unfortunately, its underbody wasn’t able to get a good seal with the racing surface while moving. Read more to see what he had to do to get it working.

As you can see, it held fine when stationary, but any movement broke the seal, thus causing it to fall immediately. When a more flexible material was used on the skirts, it could then drive slowly upside down. Yes, there are R/C cars on the market that can climb walls, but none of them are able to actually drive upside down yet, although that may change shortly after companies see this video.

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