Robot Chef Taste Food Seasoned
Cambridge University researchers have developed a robot chef capable of tasting food to determine if it’s properly seasoned. How? It’s been trained to make omelettes based on human taster’s feedback. That’s right, it tasted nine different scrambled egg and tomato variations at three different stages of the chewing process before generating ‘taste maps’ of the different dishes.

After studying the ‘taste maps’, researchers found that their ‘taste as you go’ approach vastly improved the robot’s ability to quickly and accurately determine the saltiness of the dish over other electronic tasting technologies. The ultimate goal is for future robot chefs to cook food that humans will actually enjoy and could be catered to individual tastes. For now, we have Millo’s Smart Kitchen Table.

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Most home cooks will be familiar with the concept of tasting as you go – checking a dish throughout the cooking process to check whether the balance of flavors is right. If robots are to be used for certain aspects of food preparation, it’s important that they are able to ‘taste’ what they’re cooking,” said Grzegorz Sochacki from Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, the paper’s first author.

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