Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Flames
Smartphones catching fire by themselves either during charging or just spontaneously, is nothing new, but it’s rare to hear about a brand new Galaxy S10 5G bursting into flames. That’s exactly what happened to one person in South Korea. “My phone was on the table when it started smelling burnt and smoke soon engulfed the phone. I had to drop it to the ground when I touched it because it was so hot…everything inside [the phone] was burnt,’ said the S10 5G owner, who asked to be identified by his last name, Lee, to AFP. Read more for a video and additional information.

“Samsung, unsurprisingly, refused to refund Lee for his ruined phone. The South Korean company told AFP that the damage to the phone was the result of an ‘external impact,’ not an internal issue. Details surrounding the incident are rather scant from both Samsung and Lee, so until more comes of this, it’s hard to say whether or not the Galaxy S10 5G is actually problematic. That said, this is the first such burnt S10 5G we’ve heard of,” according to BGR.