SEGA Genesis Mini 2 North America
It’s official, the SEGA Genesis Mini 2 console is coming to North America on October 27 exclusively through Amazon. Pricing has not yet been announced, but the same console from Amazon Japan costs $103.80 USD with a $21.99 shipping fee. The console also comes bundled with a wired control pad, USB power adapter, power cable and an HDMI cable.

Some of the built-in games include After Burner 2, Bonanza Brothers, Fantasy Zone (unreleased), Lightening Force, Night Striker (SEGA CD), Ninja Warriors (SEGA CD), OutRun, OutRunners, Rolling Thunder 2, Shining Force CD (SEGA CD), Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic CD (SEGA CD), Splatterhouse 2, Super Hang On, Vectorman 2, and Virtua Racing. Just how large is the SEGA Genesis Mini 2? The console itself measures 4.7-inches (w) x 1.3-inches (h) x 4.6-inches (l), while a 6.6-foot controller cable ensures you won’t be tripping over it. Have a broken SEGA Genesis console laying around at home? Then it may be time to turn the console into a functional synthesizer.

SEGA Genesis Mini 2
  • More compact. More advanced.The SEGA Genesis Mini 2 is here.
  • The SEGA Genesis Mini is back and more powerful than ever!
  • Sega CD titles available as well!


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