SEGA Pods Motion-Sensing Electronic Game

Photo credit: SEGA Retro
SEGA is best known for their Master System and Genesis consoles, but did you know they also released a motion-sensing electronic game back in 1994? That’s right, it’s called “SEGA Pods“, and consists of three sensor-equipped “pods” that the player must hold their hand over in order to play its seven built-in games. The special sensor was able to detect the height of the player’s hand, as long as it’s held 12-inches or below. You can actually get a used version here. Read more to view an original TV commercial for SEGA Pods and another in-depth overview.

“When initially released in 1994, Sega carried over the ‘WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL’ marketing strategy used with their consoles, comparing the Sega Pods to the classic electronic game, Simon. This is because games 2-4 are an extension of Simon – many of the games simply have the player re-create the random pattern generated by the internal computer,” according to SEGA Retro.