Siphonophores Jelly Fish Silly String
Schmidt Ocean Institute scientists have discovered an bizarre creature off the eastern Indian Ocean in the remote western coast of Australia. The scientific name for this organism is Apolemia, or a type of siphonophore in the deep-sea environment known as the Ningaloo Canyons. It preys on tiny crustacean and fish using its array of stinging cells on their tentacles. Read more for a video and additional information.

This creature is relate to jellyfish and resembles a long piece of silly string. It may appear to be one organism, but it’s actually made up of many thousands of individual, specialized clones that come together to form a single entity.

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I’ve gone on numerous expeditions and have never, EVER, seen anything like this,” she wrote in a tweet. “THIS animal is massive. AND not just massive, the colony is exhibiting a stunning behavior: it’s hunting,” said Dr. Rebecca Helm, an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina.