Sony PS5 McDonald's Controller Australia
In celebration of McDonald’s Australia’s 50th birthday, the chain has created a special edition Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller to give away to 50 lucky fans. Sure, you can purchase custom skins from various retailers online for your DualSense controller, but none are quite as desirable as this one, or at least from a collector’s point of view. Featuring the famous yellow and red color scheme, fry graphics and a McDonald’s logo that sits in the center of the touchpad.

Sony PS5 McDonald's Controller Australia
Unfortunately (or fortunately), you need to be a resident of Australia to win one, and if that isn’t a problem, the only thing left is to watch a few McDonald’s-sponsored Twitch streams starting on July 31. To be more specific, these following users at the specific times: Muselk on Sunday at 1:00 PM (Overwatch), Jacko G on Monday at 6:00 PM (Overwatch), X2Twins on Tuesday at 10:00 PM (Minecraft), Cripsy on Wednesday at 1:00 PM (FIFA 21), Kiki on Thursday at 8:00 PM (Night in the Woods), Crayator on Friday at 4:00 PM (Mario Kart), Aiden AK on Saturday at 4:00 PM (World of Warcraft).

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